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Fun Apps For Productivity

We all want to get more done in the day. How can we do that and still have good time doing it? We’ve looked at some apps to help you be more productive.


What are you spending most of your time on? This app will change your lock screen to ask you what you’ve been doing since you locked your phone. You can set how often it shows up, but 15 minutes is the default. The lock screen will consist of a few tiles that you can customize to whatever you do most. It will ask “What have you been doing for ‘X’ minutes?” and all you do is select what you have been doing, like watching T.V., eating, sleeping, or working.

After awhile you can see what you have been spending most of your time on with percentages in a circle graph. You can also look at the total time you have spent on everything. Spent too much time relaxing? This can help you stay mindful of how you use your time.


If you feel that you get distracted by your phone when you’re trying to work, then this app is for you. You set how long you want to stay off your phone, plant a seed, and it will grow if you do not leave the app during this time. If you leave the app before time is up the plant dies.

If you complete a plant it gets added to your forest. The goal is to stay focused so that your forest can be as big as possible.


This app makes your life a video game. You set missions for yourself, like make the bed, and you set the difficulty and match it to a skill. If you complete the mission you get experience points towards your level and skills.

If maybe you want to write a novel you can set a mission to write a chapter everyday and link that mission to your writing skill. Every time you complete that mission you get you see yourself improve with stats similar to video games.

Working and improving yourself doesn’t have to be boring. Try these apps out and let us know what you think.