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List last updated: Aug 29th, 2021 7:34 PM

Micro Dell Desktop Computer
Great upgrade if you're still running a system with Windows 8 or older.
I have purchased 3 pair myself. One is at home, one at work, and the other is lost somewhere off the coast of the Florida Keys. I use these to listen to my Audible books all the time or just so I can watch YouTube without bothering anyone else around.
A great price for this monitor. I like how the edge is thin so dual screens can be closer together.
LG 24" Monitor
If you can get the Samsung next to this one here I recommend it over the LG, but it's hard to find in stock so if you need something quick, this one is usually in stock.
Acer Aspire 5 Laptop
This is a sweet laptop for the current sale price of $360. Not supper powerful and storage is on the lower end, but if you need an affordable laptop for home or school use, this is a good choice.
HP 15 Laptop
This is a bit of a bump up from the Acer Aspire 5. More power, more storage, and more more.
APC UPS Backup Batteries
There are many brands of backup batteries but we've always preferred APC. If you have more devices get a larger version than the 425VA. The 425VA is a good starting point for a standard workstation.
ICY DOCK 2.5 to 3.5 Bracket
With SSDs becoming cheaper we constantly use these to install standard 2.5 SSDs into 3.5 HDD drive bays in desktops
Kingston SSD
We've used many various SSDs. Samsung, WD, PNY, AData, Crucial, Corsair, Sandisk, Intel, and HyperX, they've all performed great, but this is the one we're currently using for customers
Crucial SSD
This is another version SSD we've been using recently
Seagate 5TB External HDD
A 5TB External Drive for right around $100 is great. Tons of space for backups or whatever your need.
AfterShokz Aeropex
So I really thought this was a gimmick, but my wife really wanted them (most earphones bother her). She's been very happy with them, and it is nice being able to hear the world around you at the same time.
TP-Link USB WiFi Adapter
My guess, I've not (yet) tested these, is that they would not have the same strength as a larger adapter, but if size is a concern, these are great!
Sabrent USB M.2 PCIe NVMe Enclosure
We've run into an issue mirroring M.2 drives, but these have solved that problem for us.
Little Lanyards
Purchased a pack of these. They're great for flash drives, cameras, phones, and other small devices.
Stream Deck
I have the 15 Key and that's what I'd recommend. 6 is just too easy to use up and 32 just would be overkill, for me.
Samsung M.2 SSD 980
M.2 Drives are the best! A jump up from even SSDs! Make sure your system supports it.
WAVLINK Docking Station
If your system has a USB C port this should allow you to move between locations more easily. Convert your laptop into a workstation at places you frequently work.
TP-LINK PoE Injector
Add PoE (Power Over Ethernet) to a device in a non-PoE environment.
APC Ethernet Surge Protector
I've always steered away from these because they can degrade the signal, but a customer wanted to try it after a storm damaged some networking equipment. So far it's been fine.
Samsung MicroSDXC Card
Great performance for the price. It also includes an adapter if you need a standard size SD Card.
Ring Alarm System
Requires a bit of setup, but if you're savvy, it's way cheaper than the ADT system I use to have. Paid for itself in just a few months.
TP-Link USB to Ethernet Adapter
Many laptops are now being made without an ethernet port. If you need one and don't have one, this should do the job nicely.
HDMI Headless Display Emulator
Some graphics cards will not output a display if nothing is connected to it. That can cause an issue if you need to remote into it. This solves that issue with, TeamViewer at least.
Long Arm Cell Phone Car Mount
Bought this 5 times (so far). 2 for myself (first one broke after long use) and 3 for family as a gift. Only received 4 stars on Amazon, but I'm very happy with it's performance for just $15.
Dell Micro Form Factor Desktop
In most cases this is the perfect workstation computer. Employees love seeing more desk space and I love not having to lug around a heavy desktop when it needs work.
SonicWall TZ400 Security Appliance / Router / Firewall
This is a good size for most small businesses. Above 50 devices, or for very high bandwidth needs (above Gigabit), you may want something larger.
Sonicwall VPN Licenses
Out of the box the TZ400 only allows 2 Global VPN Clients to connect. This will allow more simultaneous connections.
CD Label Stomper
These are beginning to be in short supply, but surprisingly some still use Discs. The image may say CD/DVD, but this super high tech gadget also works with BluRay, HD DVD, Mini CD, Mini DVD! Wow! XD

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