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Total PC

Everything about your computer, from Binary to Internet Security.

Tip Number 1

Tip Number 1

Backup your data! It's so easy to do, and yet we see it all the time where users loose everything.

Coming Soon…

Coming Soon…

Informative blogs and videos to help normal users become power users.

Total is Evolving

We're changing our website format for Total PC. While we do still offer the same products and services, on our new website you'll hopefully find useful information to make us all better users. (more…)

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26 Feb 2016

We're happy to announce that Thumbtack, a local business listing site, has placed Total PC in their ...
Computer Classes
5 Mar 2015

Computer Classes

Total PC is considering group training classes!!! Learn with individuals at the same computer level ...

AVG Cloud Care


“My laptop wasn’t charging and my first stop was B## B###. They said it would cost around $300 and could take up to 3 weeks. Total PC got it...
Desmond T.
“I thought rude and expensive was how all computer shops functioned, until I took a chance with Total PC. The level of service is what you w...
Sherry S.
“I didn’t believe it myself, but I figured I may as well stop in to see if they were serious about the price. Now I only do business with To...
Eddie S.
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