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Computer Skills for the Workplace

Want to impress your employer but you aren’t that computer savvy? There are a few things that can make a big difference on your work performance.


A fast typing speed is really appreciated by employers. Practice makes perfect if you aren’t that great at typing.

TheTypingCat.com is a good place to test or improve your skills.

Email and Internet

Knowing how to navigate browsers and your email is very important to be able to do your work effectively. It is good to take the time to test out things and see what buttons do what, to help you get a good feel of your browser and email client.

Microsoft Office

Workplaces usually use Microsoft Word or Excel for information, and as long as you can use these programs everything can run smoothly. Most people need to take classes to be skilled in Microsoft Office programs, but as long as you can understand the basics of how each program works you can get better over time.